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What Kind of Thing Do You Write?

I have a huge belief that the power of language coupled with an audience’s imagination can take us wherever we need to go: but within that I want to find out how we can stretch theatrical boundaries given just actors, words and a space. I’m inspired by stories about storytelling (The Pillowman is probably one of my favourite plays) and also by the un-lived lives that are haunting people, and why.

However I also believe it’s the job of a writer to find something that excites them in any brief they’re given: it’s often that part of the search that makes writing exciting.

I’ve worked across many different contexts as a playwright, and am always eager to find new ways to exercise my skills.

Here are some examples of previous commissions:

  • national touring studio work for teenage audiences: Begin/End and the forthcoming Free, Half Moon
  • original plays for young UK and international companies to perform, drawing on their lives and experiences to create relevant new theatre: The Road, Immediate Theatre Hackney and Home, British School of Beijing
  • two partner plays for professional rural touring company Forest Forge in Hampshire, exploring life in the New Forest: Born and The World Outside
  • original work for studio performance, inspired by local spaces: Rush, Theatre West
  • adaptations of Homer, Greek tragedy, Shakespeare and contemporary novels engaging young companies with the political world around them: I Am England, the egg and Animalian, Chichester Festival Theatre
  • site-specific work engaging with history, architecture and landscape, offering a new perspective on spaces and culture: Let’s Make History 1965, Proteus Theatre and Earthed, Part Exchange Co

What Does It Involve?

My writing often has a basis in extensive research around a particular subject matter. I’ve recently been exploring the world of free-running and parkour, researching why more western females than ever are converting to Islam, interviewing Japanese women about patriarchal attitudes in the workplace and reading about the roots of mythology (not all in the same play, thankfully).

Interviews, workshops and collaboration with performers, young people, communities and professionals also help me understand a subject fully and really get to grips with it.

What If I Need Something to Perform Now?

If you’re a school group or young company looking for a play to perform, just download my Young Company Script Synopses for story and casting details of nine previously commissioned scripts.

If you’d like to read any in full please contact my agent Matt Connell at Berlin Associates on

What Does it Cost?

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and ITC recommended the following minimum rates for professional commissions of new work effective from 1 June 2013:

  • £8,100 for a play over 70 minutes
  • £5,401 for a play between 30 and 70 minutes
  • £2,699.50 for a play under 30 minutes

For amateur performing rights and fees (schools or young companies) please also contact my agent.

Can I Discuss a Project With You?

I’d love to hear from you – you can get in touch via the Contact page.