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‘A lot of notes you often receive are simply what someone else would do with the material. David helps you turn a play into what it is supposed to be.’


One-to-one professional feedback sessions for playwrights at any level




‘He has the great skill of giving amazing clear notes, whilst at the same time letting new ideas come out of you. I think because he has a practice himself he understands creative process: this is evident throughout the Playpen.’ 


Playpens support playwrights with honest, constructive feedback from an experienced dramaturg, helping you find the time to be a working playwright. They’re 100-minute sessions that get to heart of your play, providing you with detailed questions and a clear path towards your next draft.

I’ve just released 10 new sessions for March 2018 which are 20% OFF the usual price, in conjunction with my 200th Lane’s List weekly newsletter (which you can find out more about here). These 20% x 10 discounted sessions can be booked right now by using the BUY NOW buttons below.

As always I’m very much looking forward to reading the next round of plays and meeting some new writers!


‘I could clearly see the points in the script that needed work… reaching the rewriting stage almost felt like a natural transition and I knew exactly what to address.’


I’ve run them with first-time writers as well as professional playwrights working with companies like High Tide, Salisbury Playhouse, Old Red Lion Theatre, BBC Radio and the Brockley Jack.


‘The one thing you did that no one else has done is helped me understand what I do well.  This seems to me to be a great place to start: a solid understanding of the craft elements that are working, and why they work.’


Live one-to-one support – an opportunity to really interrogate your craft – is invaluable. Some of the best lessons I’ve learned about my own playwriting are the ones that arrived through putting protected time aside and offering my work up for discussion. The results impact not just on the script itself, but also on your continuing development as a playwright and how you learn to identify and hone your unique voice.


‘David Lane’s input from Playpens has not only made my scripts better, but has also made me a better writer.’



A Playpen is an ideal opportunity to push a script to the next level, receiving professional advice and strengthening your writing process.


‘More than just looking at the script, you were working through it with my objectives in mind and most importantly, the outcome enabled me to move forward to a place that I couldn’t seem to get to before the session.’


What do I get?

We’ll have a conversation that discusses the big picture of your play – its structure, intentions and content – as well as delving deep with a section-by-section consideration of the script.

To maximise the time we spend together, you’ll receive a preparatory exercise prior to our call to help me better understand how you see your play and your writing. I’ll then spend committed time reviewing these responses alongside your script, so I can closely tailor my feedback.


I just want to thank you for all of the careful reading and thought you put into it. Your questions and comments were superb and right on target – and I’m convinced that the session today will go a long ways towards improving and refining the play.’


At the end of our conversation we’ll work out some consolidated guidance notes together, to help you focus in and progress to your next draft.


‘I feel much better equipped to tackle the next draft of my script following the Playpen session.  I have a clearer idea of the areas that need strengthening: I now have a plan of action to get rewriting!’


What does it cost?

Playpens are currently £145 – 20% off the usual price of £175 during my special 20% x 10 200th Lane’s List offer. This covers my preparation time and our session together.

‘I think you’ve got a brilliant format – a very generous amount of work goes into reading the script before the conversation, resulting in a very positive session… I wouldn’t bother with any other script reading services now.’



How Do I Book?
Click and buy using the Paypal button above. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page on my website, where you’ll be asked to fill out a form indicating your availability. I’ll then respond directly by email so we can sort out a date and time for your Playpen.

Do We Meet Up?
Playpens take place online via Skype, or on the phone. However it’s always nice to be able to see each other and share a virtual coffee as we go!

Will You Fix My Play?
No. Only you can fix it. Dramaturgs facilitate a detailed conversation with a writer, offering questions, suggestions and strategies to investigate what works and what doesn’t. Only the writer can put these into practice.

Do I Get a Script Report as Well? 
No, but we’ll consolidate our conversation into key questions. Discussion gets you much deeper more quickly than a one-sided report. You can read more about why I stopped writing reports here.

Have You Done This Before?
I’ve been working professionally as a dramaturg and playwright for fifteen years, reading scripts for the Royal Court, Soho Theatre, RSC, Old Vic New Voices and Theatre 503, among others. I’ve initiated regional playwright development programmes and supported companies, writers and organisations. You can see what those people have said here.


‘Balanced, open-minded and open-hearted, full of encouragement and passionate about not only the craft but also people… David gives writers a sense of self-worth, of curiosity, inquisitiveness and passion to develop themselves and their craft.’

– Andrew Smaje: Executive Director, Actors Touring Company (ATC)



‘Extremely positive and empowered.  It was definitely the most constructive session I’ve ever had on that play…or any play.’